Applying for a national insurance card online

The importance of having the National Insurance Card Number

Are you a resident of UK? Have you come to the United Kingdom for studies or work. Whatever might be the situation, it is required to have the National Insurance Card. It is referred as the personal account number in the UK.

The National Insurance Card number is the unique personal identification allocated to every citizen and even foreign working employees in the United Kingdom. It is more or less similar to the Social Security Number that is used in the US government. The National Insurance Number is regarded as the Personal Account Number in the UK and is also referred as the NINO or the NI No.

The NI card helps the UK government to keep a financial record of the people

The main purpose of using the National Insurance Number is for having a record of the tax system in the UK. In other words, it identifies you to the HM Revenue and the Customs and the Department of Works and pensions for every working individual in the country. The unique identification number helps the UK government to keep a track of the financial contribution that you are eligible for.

A UK resident is provided with Child Reference Number after birth

If you are born or a resident in the United Kingdom, you will be provided with a Child Reference Number a few days after your birth,  your parents claim for the Child Benefit. Just before your 16th birthday, you will be notified by the HM revenue and Customs Department (HMRC) regarding the NI Number. In case, you are a foreigner and wish to work in the UK, no Child Reference Number was allocated. Thus, it is important to apply for the NINo number via the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), UK.

Be patient till you receive your unique personal identification number

Anyone who works in the UK is required to register for a National Insurance Card. Applying for a National Insurance Card online is available. It is not a complex or difficult process, but you need to be patient because in certain cases, the entire procedure might take a longer time period than the usual expected tenure.

How do you get your National Insurance Number online?

Thanks to the host of the web or online services that helps you to get your NINO number easily and faster. The following steps are followed while applying for a National Insurance Card online:

  • Fill in the complete online application form
  • You can either attend the Evidence of Identity Interview that is arranged by the web service, or you can fill up the postal application form and give your signature
  • Within a period of 4 to 6 weeks, you are assured of receiving the National Insurance card

It is a simple and hassle free three step online application procedure that the majority of the UK residents and foreign working class are following it. In case of any change in address, the online service provider will look into the matter and will help you out with the requirements that you need to follow.

Have your NI number today

You might have your National Insurance Card number on the back of your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit). In such a situation, you don’t have to apply for one. It is mandatory for the foreigners to have the right to study or work, in order to apply for the NINO card and possess one. Get the NI card in order to enjoy the tax benefits.