The rise of online prescription services


Getting a prescription is easier than ever!

It was not so long ago that if you were sick you had to wait for an appointment with your GP, head on down to the surgery, ask for a prescription, then go back to pick it up, then take it across to a local pharmacist and wait in line for hours before you could get your treatment.

Fast forward a few years to now and the pharmacy landscape has changed beyond recognition with online prescription services and online pharmacies on the increase and bringing in millions of pounds worth in sales every year.

Customers have a lot more convenience now, no longer having to wait for an appointment or to visit the doctor at all if they don’t want to. With the convenience of being able to talk to a qualified doctor online, and have a prescription approved over the internet, more and more patients are heading to online services.

How do online prescription services work?

The way they work is quite straight forward. Patients need to know what their condition is, or have a strong suspicion, before going online to an online prescription service. They can then complete a medical questionnaire with all of their medical history which is passed onto a fully qualified doctor to assess.

The doctor will then check all of the information and details to make sure they are all correct, and if they need anything further, they will call the patient to speak to them directly. If everything is suitable and appropriate, the doctor will then issue an online private prescription for the patient’s treatment.

What kind of treatments can I request online?

Treatments are available online for a variety of conditions, from prescription painkillers for arthritis, to modafinil used to treat the sleep disorder narcolepsy.

Before using an online prescription service, do some research to check the website is genuine – one way is to make sure the site has the MHRA logo displayed and is registered with the MHRA. It’s worth checking reviews and items about the site on social media as well to make sure no-one is criticising the site.

Once you are happy, and your prescription has been approved, then the doctor will forward it onto the pharmacy which is linked to the online service. Again, you should check the name of the pharmacy which they are using, and make sure it is a registered and genuine pharmacy before ordering any medication.

Once the online prescription service doctor has forwarded the prescription across to the pharmacy, then your order will be processed and the pharmacist will check and dispense the medication straight away.

One of the benefits of the online prescription service is that the orders will be processed largely within 24 hours, depending on the service’s terms and conditions, and they will be sent straight out to your home, in plain packaging for discretion.

How long have online prescription services been available?

The idea for online prescription services first appeared back in 1999 and the first one generated £20 million of sales back in 2011, when most services were still offline. Nowadays the NHS offers online prescription services through GP surgeries, along with home delivery from most major pharmacies.
The advantage of using the private online prescription services is that you don’t need to see your doctor at all.

Conditions which might be embarrassing, for example, STI tests and treatments, can now be ordered and delivered online discretely, meaning rather than ignore the issue to avoid the
embarrassment of going to the doctor, you can get a diagnosis and treatment from home, depending on the condition of course.

For some health conditions and issues, you will still need to see your GP face-to-face as some health issues will need blood tests or scans to be confirmed and fully diagnosed, but once the online service doctor has all of your details, if they feel you may have an issue which needs further investigation, then they will direct you to go to your doctor accordingly.

The online services are particularly useful for people who need to get their prescriptions delivered quickly and can’t get out of the house easily during the opening hours of pharmacies.
So for everyone who is busy, working full-time, or perhaps not easily mobile with no car or children in tow, online prescription services can be a real timesaver and lifesaver.


Best vape shops in London

What most others call “vaping.” are also referred to as e-cigs by the media. Tank Puffin Vape shop is a top of the line vaping product and e juice shop. Vape shops carry vape pens also called APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizer). The other product is Vape Mods.  APVs contain electronics allowing for regulation of power levels and produces only moderate levels of vapor.  Tank Puffin Vape Shop in Essex  carry MODs which are to be used by user buildable atomizers and can produce a lot of vapors but are expensive. They carry American or European produced e-cigarettes  which are  the top of the line MODs.

From beginner to veteran

At  Tank Puffin Vape Shop in Essex  they carry products that range from being used by the nervous starters who are new to vaping right through to veteran vapers.  So there are starter kits and also 50 watt kits and many more products including the vape pen at Tank Puffin Vape Shop in Essex.

Vaping Products

Ideal for you and for gifting these shops offer quality products and loyalty schemes for encouraging  return buyers. The range of products  include a cartomizer or tank or coil or atomizer.  A 650 mAh or variable voltage battery in pink or black. Other products like e-juice etc keep people popping in to website and retail shops.

How is vaping supposed to be healthier

What most others called vaping  are also referred to as e-cigs by the media.  In these, nicotine is present but it is free of tar and other dangerous chemicals released during smoking and accused of inducing cancer etc. The vaping of nicotine is still prone to being addictive but this is believed to be less harmful and therefore better for health than normal cigarettes.  However,  just as proponents of nicotine chewing gum believe the product they use or sell or support is less harmful than smoking so vaping is also believed to be healthier than both.

Types of vaping cigarettes

Refers to  two completely different products. One looks like a normal more traditional cigarette that acts as a pre – filled cartridge. These are often made by tobacco companies as a healthier form of cigarettes. Once the cartridge is used up, a new cartridge is needed to replace it. Two popular brands are Vuze and Blu. These are however more popularly carried by gas stations and convenience stores and not by Vape shops.  Vape shops carry vape pens also called APVs or Advanced Personal Vaporizer. The other product is Vape Mods. APVs contain electronics allowing for regulation of power levels and produces only moderate levels of vapor. MODs are to be used by user buildable atomizers and can produce a lot of vapors , these are more expensive.

Producers of Vaping products

E-cigarettes are produced by countries like China, they produce mainly APVs, MODS are produced mainly by American companies, or Greek and Filipino companies. Traditional tobacco companies produce e-cigarettes sold at convenience stores and gas stations and less by Vaping shops.



3 tips about foot clinics you can’t afford to miss

There are various foot clinics that you can choose from so that your foot stays perfect. Some of the best foot clinics offer an array of services like treatment for an assortment of foot problems that may make your life really difficult for you. If you happen to be self-conscious about revealing you body due to excess hair, opt for laser hair removal in ealing with Silky Smooth Beauty. They have a range of services and years of experience to get you feeling fantastic.

The different treatments that foot clinics offer

A number of foot clinics offers different kinds of solutions for keeping your foot clean.Some of the most important treatments that foot clinics have to offer are treatments for

  • Ankle sprain
  • Arch pains
  • Blisters
  • Bunions
  • Corns and Calluses
  • Fungal infection
  • Plantar fasciitis

All these problems are common problems that can be treated with care and comfort and these can help you to lead a better life in the future as well. There are various tips about foot clinics that you should know. Always choose a foot care clinic that offers the best specialized doctors who are well equipped and will give you the state of the art treatment. City Chiropody is one of the best clinics in London

What more you need to know

Foot care clinics like City Chiropody deals with various kinds of foot treatments like skin or nail problems, hard skin, warts and verrucae, diabetic foot problems, ingrowing toe nails, fungal infections, corns and callous, sports injuries, corns and callouses, Biomechanical dysfunctions and more. They also offer foot care and footwear advice that help you to choose between the right shoes that you ought to wear in case of foot problems.

They are run by the best foot care specialists and surgeons who specialize in the treatment of various kinds of foot problems and associated bio-mechanical dysfunctions. Some of the foot care clinics offer a number of different kinds of foot care products like dermal massage skin creams for your foot, deodorant for feet, wound and ulcer dressing creams, antiseptic foot sprays, diabetic socks       skin care lotions and more. These products are all reliable, effective and 100% genuine as well.

How to find the right foot clinic for yourself

If you feel that you are suffering from foot problems and you need to visit a podiatrist who would help you out, then the city Chiropody is the best place where you can visit for the best treatment in London.               The right foot clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the city so that it can easily be visited. They comprise of high quality doctors who specialize in foot care and they offer you world class treatment at an affordable rate so that you would never need to return once again. They help in treating various kinds of foot problems that you would never ever dream could be treated well.

These are the things about a foot care clinic that you would need to know about.

Chiropody 5


Applying for a national insurance card online

The importance of having the National Insurance Card Number

Are you a resident of UK? Have you come to the United Kingdom for studies or work. Whatever might be the situation, it is required to have the National Insurance Card. It is referred as the personal account number in the UK.

The National Insurance Card number is the unique personal identification allocated to every citizen and even foreign working employees in the United Kingdom. It is more or less similar to the Social Security Number that is used in the US government. The National Insurance Number is regarded as the Personal Account Number in the UK and is also referred as the NINO or the NI No.

The NI card helps the UK government to keep a financial record of the people

The main purpose of using the National Insurance Number is for having a record of the tax system in the UK. In other words, it identifies you to the HM Revenue and the Customs and the Department of Works and pensions for every working individual in the country. The unique identification number helps the UK government to keep a track of the financial contribution that you are eligible for.

A UK resident is provided with Child Reference Number after birth

If you are born or a resident in the United Kingdom, you will be provided with a Child Reference Number a few days after your birth,  your parents claim for the Child Benefit. Just before your 16th birthday, you will be notified by the HM revenue and Customs Department (HMRC) regarding the NI Number. In case, you are a foreigner and wish to work in the UK, no Child Reference Number was allocated. Thus, it is important to apply for the NINo number via the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), UK.

Be patient till you receive your unique personal identification number

Anyone who works in the UK is required to register for a National Insurance Card. Applying for a National Insurance Card online is available. It is not a complex or difficult process, but you need to be patient because in certain cases, the entire procedure might take a longer time period than the usual expected tenure.

How do you get your National Insurance Number online?

Thanks to the host of the web or online services that helps you to get your NINO number easily and faster. The following steps are followed while applying for a National Insurance Card online:

  • Fill in the complete online application form
  • You can either attend the Evidence of Identity Interview that is arranged by the web service, or you can fill up the postal application form and give your signature
  • Within a period of 4 to 6 weeks, you are assured of receiving the National Insurance card

It is a simple and hassle free three step online application procedure that the majority of the UK residents and foreign working class are following it. In case of any change in address, the online service provider will look into the matter and will help you out with the requirements that you need to follow.

Have your NI number today

You might have your National Insurance Card number on the back of your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit). In such a situation, you don’t have to apply for one. It is mandatory for the foreigners to have the right to study or work, in order to apply for the NINO card and possess one. Get the NI card in order to enjoy the tax benefits.


Are Diet Pills Worth It?

Some folks say that the diet pills can absolutely help you reach your goal, while others claim that they just can’t help at all and that you need to put some effort into losing weight. And even though the jury is still out on this one, it has reached a verdict on whether there is a magic diet pill – there isn’t. A person has to adopt a healthier lifestyle by including Clearsping products into their diet, in order to eat fewer calories and employ some weight loss tactics in order to make it work; but this does not mean that the diet pills can’t help.

Usually, the diet pills are designed for the people that are overweight, that have been following a diet plan longer than 6 months, that have been physically active, that have undergone some kind of a behavioural therapy, or those that have a high body mass index, and have still failed to lose some weight. This is where the diet pills come in – they act as a jump-starter for the loss of weight. It allows the user to gain some confidence when they see that they’re working; however, it is important to consult the doctor before the use of these pills. It is important to learn that these diet pills are in no way a substitute for physical activity or healthy food. You can get diet pills from Supplements Direct. They are reputable wholesalers who specialise in pills and other supplements that support you lose wight and gain muscle mass.

Diet Pill options

Some insurance firms do cover the costs of some weight loss prescription pills, but you do need an authorization from your doctor first! The US FDA has approved two prescription weight loss drugs for long term use – Sibutramine and Orlistat. The former one increases the levels of serotonin, as well as norepinephrine, which allows the user to feel full and burn a lot more calories. The side effects of this drug include high blood pressure dry mouth, headache and constipation. They shouldn’t be mixed with antidepressants or the high-blood pressure medications. The later one inhibits the lipase of lipoprotein, which breaks down the dietary fat; this in turn lowers the absorption of the fat by the body. This drug’s side effects include diarrhea, anal leakage and upset stomach, and should not be mixed with warfarin and the vitamins ought to be taken together with the medication.

Before Buying a Diet Pill

Diet pills are something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and therefore, a couple of points ought to be kept in mind before a person decides to start taking them. Firstly, it is necessary for the user to understand that in order to get a lasting weight loss effect, the weight loss needs to happen gradually. This means that the person shouldn’t really loose more than one or two pounds per week. Secondly, the user needs to commit to a low-fat, healthy, low-calorie diet that has been approved by a healthcare professional with the highest qualifications. Thirdly, the user needs to be as physically active as possible. Fourthly, the food labels need to be read really carefully in order to for the user to be sure that the food they eat are low in fat. Then, a diet pill user needs to make sure they know all about the adverse interactions that these diet pills might have with some other medications, and especially the medications they are already taking. Next, the user ought to ask their doctor about injectables, because they might help with the weight loss as well. And finally, the diet pill user ought to keep track of the progress with some routine weigh-ins; this allows them to maintain the loss and loose the weight a lot more consistently.


How To Renew Your EHIC Card

One of the most important documents for travelling abroad definitely has to be your EHIC card, and especially if you’re travelling around Europe. This European Health Insurance Card lasts for five years, which is a lot, but every now and then, people just forget about renewing them, and that is why you need to know exactly what to do, and do it in just the right time.

You don’t have to worry about paying any additional fees when you set out to get your EHIC card renewed – it is completely free, and that is something that makes this process really simple. And what’s even easier is the fact that you can just hire companies to do it for you, so that you’ll never have an expired EHIC card in your life. Of course, you can do this yourself if you want to, and there really isn’t anything to worry about, it is simple, it is quick, and you won’t have to pay any huge medical bill while you’re on your vacation abroad.

What exactly is EHIC card?

EHIC card is a card that allows the holder of it to receive a reduced-cost treatment in the European country the holder finds himself in. This makes this document really valuable and important to have while you’re on your vacation in Europe, and that is why renewing it is really crucial. You won’t really think about this renewal every hour of every day, because it gets done just once every five years, and renewing it is possible in the 6 months period of the card expiry.

How to renew it?

As we have already mentioned, renewing EHIC cards is really simple, but you will need to prepare yourself for that. You will need to gather all the important and necessary information about your life, such as your name and address (which you probably know by heart), your birth date, your National Insurance Number, or if you live in England and Wales, your NHS number. Health and Care number is necessary for all the Brits from the Northern Ireland, and the Scottish people will have to give their CHI number. This helps identify you and make sure that you’ll be able to receive your very own EHIC card. Another amazing feature of this is the fact that, when you renew it, you’ll be able to add another person’s name to it, but just make sure that person lives in the same address as you do.

Where can we use EHIC cards?

EHIC cards can be used in the European countries, but not all of them. It is reserved to be used in the member countries of the European Union, but some others as well, like Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.


How Turmeric Can Change Your Life Forever

The human, since a very long time, has been in a quest for finding that “Health Holy Grail”, something that can improve one’s health and help one to deal with most diseases that threaten human life.

And as it seems, turmeric seems to be that kind of Holy Grail, and you are going to discover how this spice can make your dishes more delicious and improve your health. If you happen to be an older gentlemen and have started attending a live in care london, you’ll want to soak up as much of this information as possible. For real, after you are finished with reading this article, you will want to head to your nearest store and buy as much turmeric as you can!

Take Your Mind To The Next Level:

One of the most awesome benefits brought by this spice is how much it can help your brain. It’s so powerful that there’s plenty of evidence that shows that it can be a wonderful tool for combating Alzheimer.

If you are constantly dealing with brainfog, then you may want to give turmeric a try. Once you try it, you won’t want to leave it, because it will almost instantly vanish that brainfog that torments your days. As a result, you will be able to think a lot faster and come up with better ideas.

If you work in an area that requires you to process ideas as much as possible, and use plenty of creativity, then turmeric is the missing ingredient in your equation. It can make your life a wonderful adventure, just give it a try and see how it boosts your mental performance. Just remember to take it every, about 1-2 teaspoons per dya.

Super Powerful Anti-inflammatory:

If you suffer of arthritis, then you will find in turmeric a natural way to combat the pain that ruins your days. In fact, this spice has gained a lot of popularity precisely for this, because it has shown to have wonderful anti-inflammatory effects, especially in people who suffer of arthritis.

It’s also wonderful if you lift weights, because one of the most common issues of lifters is the pain and over-stress which their joints receive. After working out, you should try to drink a good glass of water with 1 teaspoon of turmeric. It will allow you to recover a lot faster and keep your joints in good state.

It’s in fact wonderful for any activity. It’s also good for boxing or any other contact sport. Now that you know it, it sounds like an EXCELLENT idea to start consuming turmeric.

Combats Depression:

Nature is simply wonderful, and turmeric is one of its best gifts for us. If you suffer of depression, or are just feeling bad today, then a glass of water + 1 teaspoon of turmeric may be what you need to feel happier and have a great day.

In fact, this spice has been used for lots of years – thousands of years – to combat depression and many other issues and diseases. That’s why it’s a good idea to go to your nearest store and get your own supply of this ancestral remedy.


Does Waist Training Really Work?

Corsets have left the 19th century and are coming back thanks to actresses such as Jessica Alba saying they wear corsets to slim down, especially when it comes to baby weight. If you pay attention to social media it looks like everyone is jumping on the celeb-driven bandwagon.

But do they really work?

A corset may push your figure into a great shape when you’re wearing it but things expand back to normal as soon as you take it off. Even cosmetic surgeons find the idea that waist trainers could permanently adjust your shape hilarious. There’s no such thing as a quick fix.

A waist trainer is no different from a girdle. It looks great on but it doesn’t permanently change your figure. There really isn’t any evidence to suggest that these waist trainers really work. There’s no long-term results and most experts don’t even believe that “fat mobilisation” is a thing. It’s just not possible to make something disappear by compressing it.

Are Waist Trainers Safe?

People who wear waist trainers for too long have noticed they have breathing and abdominal problems. Putting a lot of pressure on the abdomen can also lead to problems like acid reflux, heartburn, and can even stop blood from flowing properly through the body to your organs.

There are additional problems caused by wearing a waist trainer while working out. They are incredibly uncomfortable and increase the amount you sweat which can lead to skin irritation. The worst part about waist trainers for exercise is that they impair your ability to breathe properly. Correct breathing is vital to exercising safely. If you can’t breathe properly you could pass out.

There are celebrities that definitely seem to have lost some weight while wearing waist trainers but experts believe there are other factors involved in this weight loss. These celebrities are most likely also exercising and dieting to get these results. It’s important to know what you’re actually testing when trying to prove or disprove something works.

Alternatives to Waist Training

While you might not have a magical shortcut to getting those curves you’ve been dreaming about there are natural solutions to the problem. You just have to be willing to do the work. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great choice if you don’t have enough time to stay on the treadmill.

It’s not really a shortcut to slimming down but it is a shorter workout at least. You still do a lot of work but it doesn’t take as much time. The best way to burn fat and lose weight is combining cardio exercise with resistance training.

Some women are afraid to do resistance/weight training because they’re worried that it will make them bulky but this is a total myth. Building muscle also means that you burn more fat without doing anything so it makes it much more effective than just cardio training.

Remember what people say; abs are made in the kitchen. The true key to losing weight and improving your physical shape is through proper nutrition. Eating a healthy diet and doing exercises that focus on the abs are the best way to get definition in your abs.

If you are going to buy a waist trainer then it’s best to wear it when you need to wear a form-fitting dress rather than all the time. It leaves you looking great when you need to and won’t put any real toll on your body. Even though it’s risky and it’s not proven it still looks like waist training will stay until the next trend comes along.